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HR&D Awards – Meet the Partners: People Science Consulting & Tailored Thinking

Co-sponsors for the ‘Excellence in Talent Attraction & Employer Brand’ award are business psychology consultancy, People Science Consulting and positive psychology, HR and wellbeing consultancy, Tailored Thinking. Through their vast experience in the psychology of people practices, both firms understand the importance of attracting talent through an exceptional employer brand. Here, they speak to North East Times about this year’s sponsorship, and what it means to them.


  • Julia Smith, founder of People Science Consulting


What motivated you to become a sponsorship partner of the 2024 HR&D Awards?

People Science: We are incredibly proud of our profession, so it is important to us to showcase and celebrate the brilliant work our talented community do in the North East. We also want to see the North East thrive and prosper and we think the HR&D community contributes significantly to that ambition.

Tailored Thinking: We have a wonderful HR&D community in the North East and it’s important that we create opportunities to share stories, celebrate and shine a light on successes. We see our sponsorship as playing a (very) small part in helping to make this happen. And let’s face it, the awards are ALWAYS great fun. So, there’s that too.

How do you support professional development and career growth opportunities for your employees?

People Science: Our whole focus is on helping leaders, teams and talent realise their potential and make significant impact. We blend business psychology with extensive leadership experience to deliver high-impact development, coaching and assessment solutions to enable organisations to develop breakthrough people strategies. Inspiring aspirations and growing talent is at the heart of what we do and why we exist.

Tailored Thinking: We all grow and develop differently, and this is why traditional “one-sized fits all” approaches to development and career growth often fail. Tailored Thinking are leading specialists at encouraging people to personalise and shape their work and careers through job crafting. Job Crafting empowers people to make their work a better fit to their skills, strengths and talents. Not only does this foster growth and development at an individual level, but organisationally it enables leaders to optimise and nurture talent, adaptability and agility. It’s win-win.


  • Rob Baker, founder & chief positive deviant; Charlotte Axon, lead people scientist, Tailored Thinking


As a sponsor, what impact do you hope to make in celebrating and promoting excellent people practices within the industry?

People Science: The North East is a gold mine of talent and potential. Nationally, it flies under the radar, and we love that these awards shine a spotlight on the superb work of our HR&D community. We are proud to work with organisations around the world and have a global network, so when we promote what’s happening in the North East, we know it’ll have a wide reach.

Tailored Thinking: A number of the team have been lucky enough to win national and regional HR awards in the past and we’ve seen and felt the positive impact they can have. They can transform the confidence and credibility of HR teams within organisations and they can help give individuals greater belief in their skills and abilities. In sponsoring the awards we hope to help others feel the benefits of recognition and reward that we’ve had in the past.

As a sponsorship partner of the Excellence in Talent Attraction & Employer Brand Award, why is this important in people practices and business?

People Science: Innovative talent attraction and employer branding has the potential to amplify the reputation of the North East as well as attract, engage and retain awesome talent. The more we showcase the region and its employers as amazing places to work, the better we can help the region shine.

Tailored Thinking: We support organisations to create “sticky workplaces”, where people want to work at, and want to stay. Excellence in Talent Attraction and Employer Branding is absolutely core to this. A brand tells people what an organisation stands for, the values it has, and the impact it wants to make in the world. The North East is – unfairly – sometimes overlooked and undervalued from a recruitment perspective and for this reason outstanding branding and talent attraction strategies are critical for future success not only of individual organisations but the region as a whole.


If you are interested in the sponsorship opportunities and would like to become a partner of the HR&D Awards, please contact:
Lesley – [email protected] / 07748 908058
Dawn – [email protected] / 07789 666437

Banner Image – Left to right: Charlotte Axon, lead people scientist; Rob Baker, founder & chief positive deviant; Chloe Mark, previous marketing & engagement officer


March 25, 2024

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